Strange Things


A children’s book which aims to reduce littering by educating the younger generation about the effects of discarded rubbish on the environment. The book captures a child’s sense of mystery and adventure, provokes discussion on the topic and encourages readers to look at the ‘bigger picture’.

Created using a mix of traditional and digital media, the illustrations are composited with watercolour paintings, textures, digital elements and photographs. This creates a certain sense of reality. A book which moves through a day and night on ‘The Pond’, progressively getting darker and more sinister as the story continues -reflecting the storyline. The word ‘rubbish’ is never used – and rather the book is told from the point of view of a duck. They see the rubbish invading their space as ‘alien’,and refer to them as Strange Things. The book therefore contains sci-fi themes – from the subtle detailing of the plantlife to the appearance of ‘the monster’.

Promotional items were also created – including a ‘Making Of’ book, a ‘plush’ toy, leaflets, promotional cards and a themed book stand.

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