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I am an enthusiastic, focused individual with lots of drive and ambition. I have a real passion for illustrative design and enjoy working with a mixture of traditional and digital media, often drawing something by hand and then ‘tweaking’ and building upon my ideas using digital enhancements and processes. Having recently completed my BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design, achieving a first-class (1st) classification, I have had the opportunity of working on a wide range of projects and enjoyed exploring a variety of design disciplines and methods. I like to think I can apply my skills and individual illustrative style to any creative brief, as well as remaining versatile and adaptable in my approach.  I have been lucky enough to have exhibited twice at the London ‘New Designers Exhibition’, where my work has been featured in a round-up of the best work by the Digital Arts’ website.

Whilst I have a real love for drawing and sometimes making things by hand, I also really enjoy working with layout and digital design. I have had the opportunity to work on many and varied projects during the past couple of years; including magazines, corporate manuals and logo design – some of which can be found in my ‘Portfolio’ section’.

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