Lloyds Bar Coupons

The Brief: To create two double page spreads for Lloyds No.1 Bar in Hockley, Nottingham. One must be based around the subject of drinking games, and the other to act as a voucher page advertising discounts and deals. The double page spreads are to be placed in a magazine targeted at students in the Nottingham area.

The solution: A modern design with a traditional twist. The designs created reflect the history of the Lace Market area through use of pattern and striking mix of traditional and modern type. The subtle patterns used were inkeeping with the surrounding architecture and ornate nature of the area, and also the Lloyds building itself. The designs were also inspired from the existing menus – giving a stronger sense of branding and identity. The design could easily be transferred onto beer mats or leaflets, and could easily be reformatted for future magazines.

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